Assistant Warehouse Manager

Rancho Dominguez

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Position Description

Assist in maintaining all facility operational programs, SOP'S and personal policies and procedures, hold the team accountable during the enforcement of such process and procedures.
Helps in establishing warehouse safeguards for operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols.
Assist in controlling inventory levels by planning cycle and physical counts and reconciling data with clients along with internal JOI updates as required.
Works with the facility manager on the physical condition of the warehouse by planning and implementing new design layouts, inspecting equipment, issuing work orders for repair and ROI for any replacement work.
Works with teams on operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees and then following up on the work results
Works jointly with the facility manager on all required staffing with our staffing agencies.
Manages facility supervisors
Understanding of all vendor routing guides.
Understanding of all vendor manuals
Responsible to complete a full facility monthly audits based on company SOP'S
Trains leads and supervisors based on company SOP'S
Able to step in to the managers role and meet all required reports, deliverable when manager is out
Must be able to close the month when needed
Ability to understand weekly projections and months end reports.